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Coconut Orchid Gift Basket

Coconut Orchid Gift Basket
This basket offers a delicious smelling miniature coconut scented orchid plant in a decorative pot, traditional Hawaiian Lauhala basket or decorative tin. This small but extremely fragrant orchid really does smell like coconut! A real showstopper, the Maxillaria is a species orchid... perfect for the novice or expert grower alike. Includes coconut lotion made in Hawaii.
Basket pricing includes shipping or on-island delivery.

Light: Enjoys medium to high levels of light. Water: Likes to be almost dry between watering, suggested bi-weekly watering. Blooms: Blooms once a year (April-May). Blooms Last: 2-4 weeks Fertilize: Fertilize: Regularly, we recommend Nutricote Time Released Fertilizer