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Vanda, Grower's Choice

Vanda, Grower's Choice

Striking, colorful and perfect as a hanging orchid plant and comes in a variety of colors including deep purple, blue and pink.

As a Grower's Choice Special, our Greenhouse Specialists will personally select the color of your plant based on seasonal availability.

Light: Diffused high level of light, south or east exposure indoors

Water: Water thoroughly every day or every other day, depending on local conditions

Blooms: Mature plants bloom several times throughout the year Blooms Last: 2-8 weeks

Fertilize: Regularly, we recommend Nutricote Time Released Fertilizer

Grower's Tips: These perfect hanging orchids enjoy a lot of air circulation. The trick with Vandas is a quick transition from wet to dry, over and over. Water well, then air out well. May also enjoy daily misting.